The ingenious joining system.


Germany is granting a patent

Following Australia, the patent for innovative space frames was also granted today by Germany (Patent No. 10 2007 054 205).

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Enthusiasm at IZB 2012

In 2012, IZB – the leading European trade fair for the automotive supplier industry – was the perfect place to present the construction potentials of cleverkiss to a small circle of experts. The attention was focused on an ingenious lightweight frame for an e-car developed by ebase – the network for lightweight design. 

The experts were unanimously convinced by the solution. Firstly, because of its light weight and secondly, because it copes with structural challenges that are generally considered critical. It was the premise to integrate the relatively heavy battery for the e-drive in the vehicle platform in such a way that a) the battery cannot slip out of place even in case of crash, and b) the battery remains easily accessible for necessary maintenance work and disassembly.

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